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The Eyegiene, Auto Sensor, European Designed Toilet Seat.

The Cleaning process begins as soon as the seat is vacated.

The avant-garde European
designed concept of self-cleaning
toilet seats shines with the Eyegiene
Self Cleaning Seat. The ultimate in rest
room hygiene, simply because the
user has a pristine clean, bacteria
free seat every time.

A hygienically cleaned and fresh
pristine seat every time after every
sitting! After every use the toilet
seat automatically rotates
through a cleaning mechanism. In
less than 10 seconds, the seat is
hygienically cleaned with a unique
enviro, biodegradable solution.
The users who need extra assurance,
only need to make a simple hand
motion above the sensors and the
cleaning procedure is repeated.

The running costs for the Eyegiene Auto
 Sensor Seat are low; each rinse costs less
than 2 cents. The seat itself is fitted in
minutes, without the need for special
tools and tradesmen. TheEyegiene
Seat does not require any extra water
pipes or electricity supplies. A
rechargeable battery which is easily
replaced, is all that is required.


  The Seat uses a biodegradable cleaning fluid specially designed for Eyegiene Toilet Seats. The fluid is tough on the bacteria but gentle on the environment. 1 litre bottle of the unique Sanitizer lasts 1200 rotations.  

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